Patio French Double Door Dead Lock 'P and D' Croc - with Alarm Fitted Option

Patio French Double Door Dead Lock 'P and D' Croc - with Alarm Fitted Option

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  • Easily fitted and removed – takes less than 30 seconds to fit, no tools or installation required.
  • High security – constructed using 8 mm steel, this ‘P and D’ lock is difficult to bend or force.
  • Seen from outside – deters thieves, as it can be seen it from outside. You may save £100’s; an attempted robbery would ruin your door.
  • High quality finish –powder painted and baked gives a very tough scratch and chip resistant finish. This model is coloured in white gloss.
  • Fully complete - Tough & Easy products come complete with a padlock and 2 keys.
  • Fits standard lever handles– this model will only fit doors with double horizontal handles (as shown in the pictures).
  • 10-year warranty- the padlock may not be made in the UK and comes with a one-year warrantyThe 10-year warranty applies to all other items but excludes fair wear and tear to the paint finish and/or any damage associated with forced entry.
  • Quickly and easily fitted in seconds.

Complete with alarm peg and brass padlock

This Tough & Easy patio door lock comes complete with an alarm bonded to the locking peg, which alerts you as soon as the handles are rattled. A potential burglar will always try the patio door handles before breaking in to see if they are locked.

The Tough & Easy patio door lock can be fitted in seconds. It operates by securing the handles as is shown in the pictures.

Tough & Easy products are designed, made and dispatched quickly from our warehouse, all in the UK.


Patio and french doors are easy for most thieves to open, thus this lock offers a low priced security option to secure your patio doors and give you piece of mind.

This two handle version is very quickly fixed and removed from the doors taking less than 30 seconds. It will secure p and d type sliding door handles as well as the traditional rotating handles.

All Tough & Easy patio door products are painted to a high standard with baked powder paint. This makes them resistant to chips and scratches, resulting in a high gloss finish.

The patio door lock can be can be seen from the outside, deterring would be thieves from attempting entry. This could save you £100’s in patio door repair.

Once fitted the doors should remain secure even if the thief snaps the door lock cylinders. The handles remain solidly fixed; the doors cannot be opened as the shoot bolts are held in place by the handles.

This unit will fit most two handle patio or french doors with either sliding or opening operation, however, the door must have horizontal handles as shown in the pictures (it will not fit on vertical handles).

Alarm peg (patent pending)
The alarm is bonded to a special Tough & Easy patio door lock peg. Simply insert this peg in the patio door lock and padlock the same way as with the standard peg. You can use the peg with or without setting the alarm, giving visibility that an alarm is protecting your door.

To set the alarm, simply turn on the slide switch attached to the unit. The alarm will arm in approximately 5 seconds.

If the handles are rattled or someone hits the door, then the alarm sounds. It is very loud (100db), so should alert you and scare the burglar away. 

False alarms are rare, even on a windy night, as the sensitivity and frequency range has been carefully set in the alarm module (you do not need to make any adjustments).

What's in the kit?
Patio door handle securing bar
Locator peg
Alarm peg
Brass padlock
2 x keys
Full and detailed instructions

How do I fit it?
Slide the bar onto one handle, insert the locating peg and secure with the padlock.

This model is for double handle P and D doors only