Alarm Peg for Tough & Easy 'box section or curved' patio door locks (Patent Pending)

Alarm Peg for Tough & Easy 'box section or curved' patio door locks (Patent Pending)

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The alarm is supplied bonded to a special Tough & Easy patio door lock peg. Simply insert this peg in the patio door lock and padlock the same way as with the standard peg. You can use it on every occasion with or without setting the alarm if you wish, giving high visibility that an alarm is protecting your door.

To set the alarm, simply turn on the slide switch attached to the unit. The alarm will arm in approximately 5 seconds.

If the handles are ‘rattled’ or someone hits the door, then the alarm sounds. It is very loud (100dB), so should alert you and scare the burglar away.

False alarms are rare (even on a windy night), as the sensibility and frequency range has been carefully set in the alarm module (you do not need to make any adjustments).

Batteries are supplied and fitted. all you need to do is use the new ‘alarm peg’ with your Tough & Easy patio door lock.

What's in the Kit?

Alarm Locator Peg, with alarm fitted
Full and detailed instructions


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This order is only for the Alarm Peg and Alarm. It does NOT include the patio door lock. It has been specially designed to fit the Tough & Easy range of 'curved and box section' patio door locks, so is unlikely to fit other makes of patio door lock.